Sunday, October 08, 2023

Remember What Works




I value my life and all the good is gives to me.

I appreciate being with you and my freedom to share what I feel.

I remember how much I enjoy the natural resources I have.

I am reminded to share my love, faith and appreciation for all that is.

Remember What Works for You!

Do you notice what is working in your life?

Are you paying attention to what is Good?

Do you deny yourself the joy of all you have?

Are you willing to really celebrate your creations?

Life is far better than what most of us notice.

We seem to take for granted all that we have.

Fresh air and clean water are essential for our lives.

Is anyone noticing and fully appreciating?

We seem to take for granted safety and security.

We seem to assume that we will have food and housing.

We seem to think of our lives as being what is expected.

We assume it is our right to have education and health care.

Are we truly thankful for all the good we have everyday?

Are we valuing our hospitals and schools and universities?

Do we care that we have free speech and freedom of travel?

Are we grateful for the miracle of life within us?

We need to really value what is valuable.

Every breath we take is life.

Every word we speak is valuable.

Every relationship we have is important.


Tragedies, disasters, challenges are wakeup calls.

Let us value what is valuable.

Let us remember what is important.

Let us fully appreciate what is good.

We can honor what is honorable.

We can remember what is memorable.

We can value what is valuable.

In this we expand and increase what works.

Give thanks for your family and your home.

Be grateful for what blesses your life.

Fully acknowledge what you enjoy.

Give your best to what is Good for us all.

Remembering how Good life is.

Betty Lue