Friday, October 06, 2023

Ask and Allow All Good!




I know thoughts create.

I think about what is good.

I deserve what is good.

I appreciate all good.

Ask and Receive!

This is your world.

This is your universe.

This is your time.

Ask and you shall receive.

Ask for help. 

Ask for healing.

Ask for forgiveness.

Ask for Love.

Ask for Truth.

Ask for Trust.

Ask for Peace.

Ask for Faith.

Open to receive.

Open to willingness.

Open to gratitude.

Open to trust.

We receive when we are willing to receive.

We must trust and what we need will come.

We must be willing to forgive our distrust.

We must let go of our doubt and fear.

All is given unto us.

But only when we are receptive do we receive.

What already is, is always available.

We must have faith. let go and allow the Good.

It seems miraculous.

And it is.

Miracles come from Love.

When we love, we open and trust.

When we fear, we don't allow.

When we fear, we doubt and turn away.

When we fear, we avoid and reject.

When we fear, we must forgive our fear.

We deserve what is good for us.

We must trust we can receive what we ask.

We must celebrate and appreciate the good that is given.

We must be grateful for opening our hearts and minds.

Ask and you shall receive as you have asked. ( with full faith!)

Trusting you to live with faith, hope and Love.

Betty Lue

When you begin to understand Law of Attraction, and you understand that which is like unto itself is drawn, then it is easier and easier to understand that you are offering a signal, and the entire Universe responds. And when you finally get that, and you begin to exercise some deliberate control about the signal that you offer, then it really begins to be fun, because then you recognize that nothing happens outside of your creative control. There are no things that happen by chance or by circumstance. There is nothing that is happening because of something you vibrated a long time ago or in a past life. It is not about what you were born into. It is only about what you are, right now, in this red hot fresh moment emitting.

Abraham thru Esther Hicks