Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Seek Peace





Peace is how I give my love.

I choose peace.

My peace I give to my world.

It is through peace I heal and am healed.

Today I Seek Peace.

What is this peace I seek?

Peace in my affairs.

Peace in my body.

Peace in my perceptions.

Peace in my relationships.

Peace in my communication.

Peace in my desires.

Peace in my health.

Peace in my work.

Peace with y family.

“Peace of mind is my single goal.

The aim of all my living here.

Peace is the end I seek.

My purpose and my life.” 

Peace brings health and wholeness to all of us.

Peace opens our minds to creative solutions.

Peace offers heartfelt relationships and love.

Peace inspires the best in us all.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love.

When we forgive, we see everything differently.

Forgiving ourselves clears the fear and judgment.

Where we have forgiven, we have peace of mind.

Peace comes from forgiveness here.

"I forgive everyone and everything, including myself for all time."

When we forgive, we realize Love and return to Wholeness. 

With our willingness to forgive, we find Goodness and Love within.

Seek peace by healing your self.

Seek peace by loving your self.

Seek peace by letting go.

Seek peace by opening to Love.

Be grateful and find peace.

Forgive errors and find peace.

Offer love to everyone and find peace.

Give your best and find peace.

You are a peace maker.

Extend Peace to all people and all places. 

Bless you for your peace.

May you live in peace.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue