Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Love Your Self Today!





I love myself just as I Am.

The more I love, respect and appreciate myself, the more I love, respect and appreciate others.

The more I love and respect myself, the more others love and respect me.

The more I love and respect myself, the more others love and respect themselves.

Love Yourself!

Take Good Care of YOU.

You show you care, when you care for you.

You inspire others to care for themselves.

You feel Love for others, when you are caring for yourself.

You may believe it is self- centered to love yourself.

And it is!

Without caring for yourself, you cannot fully care for others.

It is essential that you take impeccable care of you.

This is not about spending money on yourself.

This is not about bragging or flaunting yourself.

This is not about acting like you are better than others.

This is about loving yourself as you believe we all need to love ourselves.

When we are giving ourselves encouragement, we give encouragement to others.

When we listen to our own inner voice, we show others how to listen within to themselves,

When we attend to our own needs, we allow others to attend to their own needs.

When we all are independent and self sufficient, healthy and happy, everyone benefits.

Remember to work hard with enthusiasm at everything you do.

Allow yourself to rest and play in healthy ways, to balance your energy.

Give yourself time in solitude to listen within to your heart.

Choose always to live in integrity with your values and ethics.

You know what is good for you.

Time to choose only what is best.

You know the right thing to do.

Time to honor what inspires you.

Life tests your resolve to live your truth.

Life gives you opportunities to explore. 

Life shows you what works and prospers.

Life is your  own adventure and reward.

Trust your choices.

Listen to your voice.

Free yourself to live.

Give yourself gratitude.

You can, when you believe you can.

You will, when you commit to be.

You have, when you give your best.

You are, when you trust you are.

Love works!

Betty Lue