Thursday, September 07, 2023

Are You Listening?





I trust in my inner knowing.

I quiet my mind and listen for the Highest Good.

I trust in what is Good and Whole and Loving.

I am open and willing to receive inner guidance.

Are You Listening To Your Heart?

Within us is Spirit.

Spirit is the Life Force that is our Source.

There is a sacred place within us all that is our Guide.

If we do not listen, we do not know and cannot receive.

To learn to listen, we must stop talking.

To be open to hear, we must trust in our inner voice.

To be willing to trust, we must relinquish our fear.

To stop and be still, to listen and follow, we must have faith.

Do you have faith in something more that guides and provides?

Are you willing to believe in a higher power and a way to your Good?

Have you experienced miracles of love that show you how to trust?

It may be time to listen and trust what you are guided to do.

When I cannot control the circumstances in my life, I need to listen within.

When I think I can make my life happen my way, I may notice that it is now so.

When I try to change the course of the weather, finances, relationships and more, I may be surprised.

Often life will teach me to listen deeper for inner guidance, to lead me to peace.

Pay attention to your intuition.

Write down what you hear within.

Be still and know the Good.

Trust and follow what is true.

There is path and a purpose for your life.

There is learning and teaching to be shared.

There is healing and gratitude to be given.

There is much more than your have known.

Each one of us has an Inner Guidance System.

When we ignore the way given to us, we get lost.

When we seek to follow the highest way, we find the path.

When we are open and willing to trust, we feel safe and at peace.

Take time to sit daily.

Write down all that is given.

Pay attention to what comes through to you.

Be grateful for all that you feel, hear and know.

We are never alone.

This Loving Guidance is always with us.

We can trust and follow the path of Peace.

We can learn and receive inner direction.

Written for myself as a loving reminder.

Know I share with you as a guide for us all.

We are here to learn to trust.

This will be our saving grace.

Listening always for the Highest Good for All.

Betty Lue