Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Life Takes Time!




I take time to listen and learn.

I take time to love myself.

I take time to appreciate all I have.

I take time to respect, trust and be patient with us all.

Be Patient

Take time for yourself.

Take time for others.

Take time to enjoy.

Take time to heal.

There is no time to waste.

Take time with a focus.  

Take time for what is good.

Take time to celebrate.

Life is a gift.

Use it well.

You matter.

Give yourself happiness.

This is your time to be.

This is your time to see and hear and feel.

This is your time to enjoy.

Have moments of pure love.

You can have fun.

You can learn and grow.

You can heal the past.

You will come to know.

What is….This is your life.

Experience all it is meant to be.

This is your life.

Give it the best you know and see.

You can come to peace.

You can heal your mind and body.

You can share your love.

You can be truly happy.

Be willing to allow.

Be open to listen within.

Be willing to develop patience.

Be open to trust the way.

You can, because you choose.

You can, because you want to know.

You can, because you are here.

You can, because you continue to grow.

I am patient with myself and all, as we learn to love. serve and remember always the Good.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue