Tuesday, September 19, 2023






I love Life and Life loves me.

I am grateful for all the Good in my life.

I value what brings peace and joy and love.

I celebrate how Good life can be.

Appreciate the Good!

What you appreciate, you increase.

What you value, you seek and find.

What you focus on, you expand.

Where you place your attention, you attract.

Are you aware?

This is the Law of Attraction.

This is the Secret.

This is what you need to know.

Life is not random or accidental.

Life is showing us where we attend.

Life is giving us the secret.

Life is our teacher.

Pay attention to what you are attending.

What are you worried about?

What are you talking about?

What do you think about?

When you talk about money fears, you will experience more fear.

When you focus on health issues, more issues appear.

When you focus on relationship problems, more problems show up.

When you attend to the negative, you  notice more negativity.

You can learn to focus on what is working.

You can choose to find what you appreciate.

You can identify what is good for you.

When you seek what is good and whole and beautiful, you will find what is good.

Watch your thoughts.

Identify the ones which you value.

Create more good thoughts.

Watch how the good ones, generate more goodness.

Praise what is Good.

Celebrate what is Loving.

Give thanks for what is Healthy.

Appreciate how Wonderful your life is.

From our appreciation, we generate more to appreciate.

And so it is, Life becomes a Joy.

Loving you with Joy and Gratitude in my heart.

Betty Lue