Friday, September 08, 2023

Keep Moving!




I love to move and do something meaningful.

I feel alive when I move with joy and gratitude.

I breathe and move my energy to do good.

I conscientiously use my body to effect positive change.


Move your body.

Move your energy.

Move your thinking.

Move your focus.

Inspire yourself with movement.

You can physically move.

It will change your energy flow.

Moving will change what how you feel.

You can direct your movement with your thinking.

If you are stagnant or sedentary, get up and move.

Try moving your feet, your hands, your activities.

Consider using movement to make all things new.

Our attitude affects our movement.

Our beliefs change how we feel.

Our intention directs the outcome of moving.

We can use movement to heal and feel better.

Consider moving to music.

Allow movement to inspire you.

Use moment to create new ideas.

Let your movement give your energy.

If sitting, tap your feet, rock in your chair.

If feeling uninspired, clap your hands or stretch.

If having pain, move into new positions of comfort.

If you are static, stand up and walk around your home or desk.

If you are depressed, clean up some part of your home or workplace.

If you are anxious, get busy expending some energy making things happier.

If you are lonely, get out and connect with someone in a store or on the street.

If you are bored, start moving toward something you value.

We have bodies to be used to connect and communicate Love.

We have movement to be able to create and relate to others.

We are able to choose, change and commit to something better.

We can use our creative potential to inspire and build what we enjoy.

Life is movement, so let’s get moving.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue