Monday, September 18, 2023

Help Someone!




I help because I Love.

I help myself so I can be more helpful.

I am inspired to give to others.

Life works better for us all when we are truly helpful.

Be of Service.

Begin by helping yourself.

Begin everyday by giving yourself the best you know.

Begin with inspiration for a good day.

Begin with good nutrition and good quality rest.

When you help One, you help us all.

When you give your best to just One among us, all benefit.

You can give to one child, one parent, one partner and your Self.

This is your call and your gift to each one among us.

I am surprised when I see how little we care for ourselves.

I am shocked when I see how little we notice what others need.

I am amazed by what we seem to think is ok to be given to our “loved” ones.

But then I notice, we may not have been given to by our parents.

When we experience little help and caring as a child, people seem to accept little.

When we deny ourselves, we learn to deny others.

When we disrespect ourselves, we lack respect for others. 

When we ignore our own needs, we have learned to ignore others. 

Help someone you know.

Help someone who you don’t know.

Help the children and our youth.

Help the elderly and infirm.


We are our “brothers’ keeper” !

You are deciding everyday.

You can call someone who is alone.

You can listen to someone who is afraid.

You can give someone your extra change.

You can help your child do their homework.

You can offer a smile, a hug, a good wish for the day.

You can join a non profit organization which helps and serves.

You can pay your taxes and vote for the best person who listens.

You can stop complaining and start participating in your community.

You can give greetings of respectful “please” and “thank you”.

You can be very helpful everyday to everyone.

First help yourselves.

Be healthy and happy.

Work with excellence.

Use Your Resources for helpful purposes.

If we all are conscious about how we live and give, life will be better for us all.

Loving you and I as we are helpful to one another,

Betty Lue