Sunday, September 17, 2023

We Are Here!




So many are experiencing loss.

Fires and floods, disease and despair.

Where are we? What are we doing?


I am here right where I need to be.

I am here to be truly helpful and healing.

I am here to be strong and brave and true.

I am here to love me and love you, no matter what.

We Are Here!

We are here standing in the midst of what is.

When much is gone, even more is left.

We are here.

When we clear the smoke, we are here and ready to rebuild.

We are here to clear the fear.

We are here to wash away grief with our tears.

We are here able to walk and talk, work and play.

We are here to get up and begin again to have this day. 

When things fall apart, they are letting go of what was.

When things disintegrate, they will reintegrate at a higher level.

When things are undone, we get to see how we all are really One.

When things go away, what is valued will come back another day.

People have a tendency be lost, when their things are lost.

We did not lose ourselves.

We did not lose one another.

We are not our things and we will not be lost.

Each manages loss in their own unique way.

Each has learned to react with fear or respond with love.

Trauma and disaster can create chaos and fear.

Loss and devastation can bring out courage and love.

Some will turn to God and faith.

Some will start to help and heal.

Some will simply sit and feel.

Some will plan and work.

Some will provide time and service.

Some will gather friends and share.

Some will fall apart in despair.

And some will simply do what is needed.

Some grieve what was lost.

Some deal with what is right now.

Some plan for the future and rebuild.

It is time for each to honor and respect one another.

Gather with those who are of like mind.

Gather with those who love one another.

Gather with those who have similar plans.

Gather with those who have  open helping hands.

Together we can do this.

We rise and we fall.

Together we are grateful.

Together we answer the call.

Standing here to be truly helpful

With commitment and courage, we will rebuild.

With love and dedication, we will co-create something better.

With kindness and respect, we will enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I am always loving one and all,

Betty Lue