Friday, September 22, 2023

Autumn Equinox




I see myself in everyone around me.

I give my best to me to give my best to you.

I erase my judgments and choose again for love.

I easily let go of what no longer serves me.

Change of Seasons

Today at 11:55 PM PDT, Autumn Equinox is here.

Are you ready for all that comes in the fall?

Are you aware of the changes around you?

Do you enjoy the change of seasons?

Time changes allow us to review what has been.

Seasonal changes invite us to choose what will be.

Where are you in your own history?

Your travel through time is yours to enjoy.

What do you want this coming season?

Are you ready to clean up and let go?

Have you learned what you want to know?

Are you ready to be grateful for what you have?

All in due time, you say.

Take your time and slow down.

Be patient when making changes.

Love yourself for being willing.

Life is an ever present canvas of opportunity.

But first you must clear the old cobwebs to really see.

What is there that needs your attention?

Who is there who needs you now?

Perhaps it is yourself you have neglected!

If so, take time to clarify what you really need and want.

Practice the daily intention of paying attention to you.

Not on distractions and wasting time, but on purposefully give time to you.

Yes, clean up neglectful and forgetful habits.

Undo the ways you have been untrue and in denial.

Learn to ask and listen to your heart with honesty.

Be willing to grant your highest wish with your intention.

You see, it all begins with you.

Where and how you want to go begins with you.

Have the resilience and courage to choose what is right for you.

Forgive the mistakes of the past and choose a way that lasts.

Love begins at home.

The Joy of living begins with you.

The peace that comes from being Good is yours.

All you receive is derived from your giving to you.  

Loving us all every day in everyday!

Betty Lue