Saturday, September 23, 2023

Children Deserve Our Best!




I listen and learn from all children and youth.

I trust and believe in the natural wisdom of children.

I open my heart to forgive us for neglecting what is important.

I take care of what is mine to love, nurture and take impeccable care of.

Children Need Our Attention

Parents are busy.

Parents make money.

Parents have lives to live.

But are we doing what is most needed?

Children are teaching us to pay attention.

Children need security and structure.

Children need opportunity and learning.

Children need confidence and appreciation.

What do we do with our families?

Are we learning and growing together?

Do we have structure and security?

Are you we learning and growing together?

Yes, life is more difficult in some ways.

But perhaps it is time to become more simple.

We can look at our priorities and principles.

Have we stopped for a moment and reassessed our options.

We can always do what our neighbors are doing.

We can make sure we have a job, school and media.

We can pay our bills and follow the law, but do we care about one another?

We can do what is right in public, but do we treat one another with respect?

Our children need role models.

They learn from their parents, teachers and other adults.

They see our happiness and health, our caring and helpfulness.

Our youth wonder how hopeful and helpful their  life  will be.

Are we complaining and demanding?

Are we showing them interest and courage to live life well?

Are children imagining how good life can be or how difficult?

Are we really proud of our accomplishments and contributions?


Let us look at the world our children see and ask what we want them to be.

Let us show them the way we want them to live and give, to learn and grow.

Let us let them know who valuable and important they really are to us and to themselves.

Let us begin by treating everyone with dignity and respect, with trust and encouragement.

Our next generations needs us to believe in them.

Our children need the best education and opportunities.

Our children grow best in happy healthy environments focused on enjoying their learning.

Our children deserve our positive attention with an intention to show them our best selves.

It is time we turn our lives into what we want for them to have and enjoy.

Loving all our children,……and one another.

Betty Lue

Qualities of Functional Families


Respect is the Holy Grail of functional families. Being considerate of each other is the tie that binds, even more than love.

Emotionally Safe Environment

All members of the family can state their opinions, thoughts, wants, dreams, desires and feelings without fear of being slammed, shamed, belittled or dismissed.

Resilient Foundation

Healthy relationships can withstand stress, even trauma, and, if not bounce back, at least recover. Part of building resilience is being supportive of each other, no matter what.


Privacy of space, body and thought. Knock and ask permission to enter before going through a closed door. Provide and respect clear boundaries.


Being accountable means respectfully and reasonably informing people in the family where you are and what you are doing so they can grow trust and not worry.


When you make a mistake or overstep, quickly apologize, then ask for (and receive) forgiveness. 

Allow Reasonable Expression of Emotions

Expressions of unhappiness or hurt can be accepted and responded to with respect. 

Gentle on Teasing and Sarcasm

Don’t use either as a poorly masked put down.

Allows People to Change and Grow

A functional family lets people define themselves—and change those definitions. No “labelling”.

Parenting is Co-Parenting

Parents, divorced or married, support the same standards and messages so children experience consistency.


Liberally use ‘please’ or ‘thank you’, ‘you’re welcome’ or ‘I’m sorry’.


Functional families play, work and problem solve together. 

Eat Meals Together

Research shows that communication within a family is enhanced if we take more meals together.

Follow The Golden Rule

“Treat each other as we wish to be treated.” It was true way back when and it’s still true now.