Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Peace Begins With You




Full Moon Wednesday, 8/30 at 6:36PM PDT


Today is the first day of my life.

Today I will give my best to everyone I meet.

Today I choose to forgive my fear and reach out with peace.

Today, I will follow the high way and bring peace to all.

Peace Begins With You

Peace begins with you.

Love begins with you.

Healing begins with you.

Kindness begins with you.

Why does it begin with you?

Because you are the most conscious one.

Because you are the most willing one.

Because you are the most able to do the right thing!

It is childish to wait to be forced to stop fighting.

It is immature to want the other one to go first.

We are here to make a difference in our world.

You and I can make the difference in our homes and work places.

To control our emotions is essential.

Being out of control is lazy .

We can practice the art of reason and diplomacy.

We can stop acting like a two year old.

Peace begins with peace of mind.

When our mind stops running the show, our emotions will be in check.

When we suspend the mental and emotional authority to do whatever, we will act differently.

When we stop allowing ourselves to think, speak and act crazy, we will behave sanely.

It is time to think with reason and creativity.

Even children can be taught and shown how to reason.

People in great distress can learn how to breathe deeply and behave rationally.

Our planet does not need to implode with war and hatred, disease and despair.

We are in a time of needed humanitarian efforts with no blame or condemnation.

When we listen to our heart/mind, we know that fear begets fear, and hate begets hate.

You and I can be the healers with one interaction at a time.

Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

All ages deserve respect and dignity.

All colors, races, religions deserve our best.

We can only unite to be helpful to one another, when we see things differently.

We must start by behaving with genuine kindness and respect for everyone.  

Trust we all can learn together.

Let us begin today.

Respecting us all, 

Betty Lue