Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Be Good




These Affirmations Are For You!

Love is my natural state.

Joy and peace are my natural state.

I forgive myself for forgetting and neglecting to choose only Good.

Goodness is the way I am born to be naturally.

Being Good

What does being good mean for you?

Be good to feel good.

Be good to receive good.

Be good to experience the good in you and all.

It seems like many have never known what it is to be good.

Contribute the best in you and you are being good.

If you don’t know what is good, you can ask.

“What will be good for you?”

We can never assume what is good for another.

We can only feel the good within ourselves.

Consider what gives you peace and happiness.

Experiment with giving the best you know.

Notice the joy and delight in you.

Notice feeling inspired and alive.

Notice how what you give comes back.

Notice how goodness inspires more good.

Our thoughts must be good.

Our words must be good.

Our behavior must be good.

To know this is to believe in good.

Ethical behavior is good.

Doing what is right is good.

Blessings are good.

Living in integrity is good.

It is natural to be good.

It is helpful to be good.

It teaches everyone to be good.

It lifts up others to be good.

Take time to consider what is the good you are called to do everyday.

You will feel good when your thoughts, words and behavior are good.

You will feel ashamed or guilty when you are off purpose.

It is time to consider your heart and your conscience to be good.

When we stop caring, we can not give goodness.

When we are numb in addiction, we do not feel good.

When we  are unkind or doing harm, we are not good.

When you have forgotten how to be good, seek examples of goodness.

We are the ones to return “being good”as the natural way of living, loving and giving. 

Loving you with all the Good within me.

Betty Lue