Monday, August 28, 2023

Do No Harm!





I am safe when I remember to Love.

I trust my inner guidance to show me the way to be most helpful.

I am present with my sincere commitment to love no matter what.

I forgive myself for ever neglecting to honor my way to respond with Love..

No Harm, Please!

When there is harm, stop and step away.

When there are harmful words, stop and remove yourself.

When there are harmful thoughts, stop yourself and change your mind.

When there are harmful behaviors, stop and leave the situation.

Make a commitment to stop doing harm to yourself and others.

Make a decision to stop hurting with your words, behavior or thoughts.

When you do harm, you attract harm.

When you behave in hurtful ways, you are doing harm.

This world was changed and deranged by fearful humans.

People hurt, threaten, bully and fight to get their own way.

War and hatred, killing and abusing, are justified to win.

People have not understood that there is enough for all.

You can begin today to stop hurtful ways.

You can change your home and workplace.

You can find more good in being peaceful.

You can change your behavior when you decide.

Stop today allowing anyone or anything to hurt you.

Stop by withdrawing your destructive energies.

Give peace where there is a need for love.

Offer what is wanted without bloodshed or harm.

Children must be taught to do no harm.

Adolescents must be shown how to do no harm.

Adults must learn to stop doing harm.

Peoples must learn there is a better way.

Yes, talking with civility takes longer.

Working together in cooperation takes longer.

Giving and sharing with one another takes longer.

But resolving the inequities is worth it to stop fighting.

We are smart enough to know the costs.

We are wise enough to know we must stop.

We are good enough to seek what will work.

Together we can find a better way.

What will it take to be kind to your neighbor?

What can you do to forgive your ancestors?

What are you willing to change to make peace?

What can you do to forgive and undo the past?

Do Unto Others As You Want Them To Do Unto You.

You can because you want to.

You can because you choose to.

You can because you are SAFE.

I am loving you, 

Betty Lue

Not only does the power of your thought determine which people make their way into your life, 

but the power of your thought determines how they behave once they get there.  Abraham