Sunday, August 20, 2023

Life Is Renewable!




Life is good and getting better.

I see with new eyes a new vision of a better world.

I release the shadows of the past and see a new light.

My forgiveness erases all that is not love and I recreate with Love.

Love Makes Everything New!

When you are able to see with respect and forgiveness, you see it all new.

When you awaken with the Spirit of Love, you see with new vision.

When you are willing to let go of the past, you will see what really is.

When you allow the mistakes of yesterday to be erased, you see it all with Love.

Relationships are often seen with the history of past errors of omission and commission.  

Our lives may be reflected by thoughts of what didn't work, the hurts and failures.

We often judge ourselves and others based on what trials and tribulations occurred.

Consider what would be if you were willing to flush yesterday's indigestion away.

We seem to think today is a composite of yesterday’s experiences.

We seem to grade ourselves and others on what is remembered.

We seem to gravitate toward the drama and trauma rather than peace.

We seem to believe that we cannot be new again and again and again.

When you wake up in the morning, you do not know who you really are.

When you wake up with your spouse or children, you can never tell what mood will be.

When you start the day anew, be aware that  you can release your judgment and pain.

You can experience transformation of every relationship by simply erasing the past with Love.

Why would we want to hang on to the pain?

Why seek revenge and blame another?

Why hold on to the pain of the past?

Do we really believe this protects us?

When we defend ourselves from loving and trusting again, we are denying ourselves.

When we hold animosity and hate, we are keeping ourselves from happiness and peace.

When we live life in grief and regret, are we not making ourselves unhappy and unhealthy?

Can we do better, think better, feel better and act better than this?

Life can be a series of mistakes, misperceptions, and rejection.

Life can also be a series of amazing creations, happy experiences and miracles of love.

Which do you really prefer: something that hurts or something that heals?

I love myself enough to keep on forgiving and start all over again with an open mind.

Some people cling to the old and familiar.

It feels comfortable and safe because you know it well.

You can keep the old memories, but why not choose the kind and beautiful ones?

I notice when I release them all with forgiveness, the remembered ones are beautiful, good and healing.

You choose what you keep in the album of your heart.

You have what you have selected to give attention to.

You can claim what you name to be your legacy.

You feel what you really want to feel with what you hold dear.

I hold all that is good, healthy and loving and therefore create more of the same.

I forgive everything that no longer has value and fill the space with Love, only Love.

This is my life to choose what I value, and so more comes to me to be valued.

Holding you dear in my heart and mind.

Betty Lue

Let us forgive our mistaken judgments and choose again for a better way!