Monday, August 21, 2023





I value the Good I see.

I see more of what I value.

I enjoy this amazing universe.

There is always more to enjoy.

Amazing Universe and Beyond

Do you take for granted how amazing it all works together?

Do you look at how exquisitely you body works together?

Do you understand the part you play in the greater whole?

Are you appreciative of the perfection in all things?

Even when we tinker and fiddle with the engine of time, we can see the delicate balance.

Even when we judge and try to make it all better, we are really trying to fix our human errors.

Even when we withhold, contract, delay and detour in fear, we can see how it all tries to flow.

Our minds are barely beginning to reveal the healing and balancing nature of the universe.

Consider what you can do to get in the natural flow.

Focus on the awesome Greatness of what is.

Allow yourself to stop interfering with Good.

Enjoy and celebrate the beauty of the Creation.

We have so much to appreciate.

We have our whole lives to celebrate.

We have the delight in what we create.

We have the entire Universe to navigate.

Our part appears to be to simply enjoy what we have.

With our appreciation, we have more.

The more we have, the more we give.

The more we give, the more we have to share.

And so it is, our lives are part of the universal flow.

Our thoughts are pieces of what is constantly flowing.

Our words teach as we are learning what we teach.

Our actions show us what we love and do not value.

What will teach us to fully have what we have?

Who will show us our mistakes in consciousness?

How will we get what we came to be and do?

When will we understand we must undo what is not true?

You and I can see what we want to see.

When we choose the beauty of the landscape, we begin to acknowledge our beauty within.

Beauty and light are in the eye of the beholder.

And so is ugliness and dark within the mind of the judge.

Are we not here to get out of the way and allow the Goodness to be?

Are we not here to erase and forgive our inter-fear-ence?

Is it not our time to stop attending to what is not worth our attention?

Perhaps that is our duty here….to let go and let Goodness return!

We can learn to be inspired and blessed for the natural perfection in life.

We can be encouraged to simply enjoy the beauty around and within.

We can trust in what is as we naturally let go and let Good simply be.

We can appreciate and enjoy all that we have and be and do.

Loving today with all the Good we have.

Betty Lue