Thursday, August 24, 2023

Courage To Be





I do what is mine to do.

I live true to what is right for me.

I know courage sets me free to be.

I live my life in the highest and best way I know.

Do You Have The Courage To Be You?

Are you even aware of Who You are?

Do you know yourself?

Are you aware of your gifts?

Do you recognize all you have denied?

When you are unaware of your true Self, how can you know your purpose?

When you have played small or not at all, how can you see what you are to be?

When you have let others define you and your life, how can you be happy?

What do you see, when you look in the mirror at who you came to be?

Freedom to be is how you claim your right way of being.

You will be both happy and free to be You.

Your body supports your right livelihood.

Your mind will be inspired when You Are You.

Discover yourself.

Explore and experiment.

Sing and share what is your truth.

Face your fears with laughter, not tears.

You can live in your own authentic way.

You can find heart and meaning in what you do.

You can be happy and healthy and free being you.

You can appreciate and enjoy your own right choices.

Your life is just for you to have and be and do.

Your life is your assignment to make it work best for you.

Your relationships, lifestyle and activities are your form of self expression.

Are you giving yourself what you really want without compromising your will?

Remember that you are important to you and your self-fulfillment.

Remember that others will be inspired to have the courage to be themselves.

It is possible to be good to yourself and live with integrity in all you think, say and do.

You are clearing your self denial and deceit by having the courage to be true to you.

When you have made promises, keep them and change them if needed.

When you have made mistakes, forgive them, make amends and choose again.

When you have lost your way, come back home and begin again with respect and dignity.

When you know what is clearly right for you, choose it with courage with full appreciation.

You can have the heart to be all you want to be and much more.

Enjoy the journey as you explore and experience the value of Being You.

I admire and respect you for giving your Self to actualizing what you came to be and do.

Love is trusting and freeing yourself to be all that you are created to be.

I trust You.

I encourage You. 

I appreciate YOU.

Be All You Can Be!

Betty Lue