Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Be Good To You!




I choose to be good to myself and to others.

What is best for me teaches other to do what is best for them.

I have and give, be and do, what is good for me.

I honor myself and my life with the good I know to be true for me.

Do You Know What Is Good for You?

We copy the ways we were treated as children.

We copy the Good or Bad others showed us.

We emulate what we saw others do for themselves.

We do not know what is good until we learn.

What is really good for you?

Do you know the best food for you to eat?

Do you know what kind of rest you need?

Do you know how to manage money well?

Do you know how to be a good friend?

Do you know how to handle your emotions?

Do you know how to raise your family?

Do you know how to treat your husband or wife?

Do you know how to keep your house and car?

Do you know what clothes are best for you?

Who are you following?

Who do you admire?

What is the outcome of their choices?

How will you learn to be good to you?

Do you read books and take classes?

Do you learn by experiencing how you feel?

Do you see what makes you happy?

Do you wait to see what gets others’ approval?

Do you know how to be really good to YourSelf?

Do you focus on getting rid of what is bad for you?

Are you punishing yourself with what is not good?

Are you copying society or your family history?

It is about time to stop deceiving yourself.

When you are mature, you let go of childish ways.

You stop excessive ways of eating,  spending , demanding and emoting.

You learn to stop hurting yourself with excess or denial and live with moderation.


When you love yourself, you treat yourself with loving kindness and healthy living.

You may know what is good, but forget to treat yourself well.

You may realize how you have done harm and feel guilty and do it again.

You may resist what you know, because you live with bad habits and addictions.

It is time to be good to you, because you want to.

Choose to be good to yourself today, all day.

Forgive yourself for mistakes immediately and choose again wisely.

Begin again to repair the damage and you will see what you can be.

Loving you and me everyday in the best ways I know.

Betty Lue