Friday, August 25, 2023

Keep Cool!






I release the past and choose for a better future.

I seek what is highest and best for all concerned.

I would rather be happy than be right.

I want all interaction and communication to be helpful for all.

Learn To Keep Cool.

When it is hot, keep cool!

When you are upset, learn to control yourself.

When others are upset, learn to bring peace.

When you get “triggered”, learn to step away.

There is a time when upsets are a wakeup call.

There is a place to be fully and freely expressive.

There is no point in creating resistance and fear.

There is no healing in reacting with anger and blame.

We have a choice in how we use our emotions.

We have our own mature ways of responding .

We have to learn how to control our emotions.

We have to mature in how we treat others.

In this immature society, we observe minimal impulse control.

Parents may flare up in using harmful words and behaviors.

Politicians my be abusive and childish in how they react.

Drivers may be out of control in how they take out their anger.

What children see teaches them how to get attention.

Youth observe violence in movies, TV, video games and in their homes.

Our emotionally based communication  heats up disagreements.

People seem to enjoy getting their way with hurtful words and actions.

To make a difference, calm yourself and express with respect.

To be heard, take time to think, speak and act rationally.

To fight creates more push back and less respect.

State your position and then listen to others to open cooperation.

When we promote the adrenalin of fear and fighting, we get less cooperation.

When we demand, threaten, bully and demean others, we harm relationships.

I highly recommend that we find peace and understanding only when calm.

I suggest that we step away and calm ourselves to begin to respond in healthy ways.

When anyone is upset, there can be no positive interaction and co-creative decisions.

When either party is angry, hurt, fearful and resentful, there will not be a win-win outcome.

It is essential that the conscious and mature individual bring peace and understanding.

It is most important that all parties have an opportunity to be heard and treated with respect.

Let us be the ones to listen with respect.

Let us respect our own ideas with one time statement.

Let us seek a response that leads to a positive outcome for all.

Let us learn to seek peace and happiness more than being “right”..


Respecting our reason and choice for peace.

Betty Lue