Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Be True To You!





I listen within and live my inner calling.

I trust myself to be happy and free, honoring me.

I know what is mine to do and do it with gratitude.

I honor the love within me and give it freely.

Be True to You! 

So many choices and even more voices!

What do you choose to be?

How do you choose to live?

What do you choose to give?

Set yourself free.

Live with integrity.

How can we fully be?

When we do not hear or see?

Are you really honest with yourself?

When you feel resentment or regret, you are off purpose.

When you are sad or tired, you are not being true to you.

When you live in secret or in hiding, you are not abiding with your truth.

What do you need to do to have the life you want?

Are your values skewed by wanting something you don’t have?

Are you listening to someone else rather than yourself?

Do you even know what your purpose is?

As you learn to walk away from what is not for you, you are free.

As you undo the mistakes you have made, you can choose again.

As you forgive what is not your way to live, you begin to get your way.

It is your time to learn to listen to your heart and be really smart.

Life is for giving your best.

Life is for living your truth.

Life is is for loving what is yours.

Life is your place to shine all the time.

You can tell when you are choosing the right way for you.

The symptoms are clear:

You are at peace.

You are energized.

You look forward to each day.

You want to do more and give more.

You feel blessed with your good life.

You blame no one, because you are on purpose.

Listen to your heart song.

Listen to how you feel.

Listen to what is yours to do.

Listen to give to the real you.

Blessing us all for living our Highest Truth.

Betty Lue 

“Give yourself to Love.

And Love will give to you.

Live your life with Trust.

And Trust will see you through.”