Thursday, August 31, 2023





I value what is good for us all.

I appreciate what I have to give and share.

I live my life with joy and gratitude.

I enjoy the beauty around me and within me.

Time to Give Thanks!

When we don’t know what to do, give thanks.

When we are not happy, be grateful.

When we are feeling sorry for ourselves, appreciate.

When thinking you are alone, value what is.

People think of celebrating when everything seems right and good.

Most complain when they judge they have less than they desire..

Many focus on what is missing and don’t even see what they have.

While we compare our losses, how many are feeling blessed for what remains?

The good we appreciate today will be even better tomorrow. 

When we complain about lack, we highlight and increase our lack.

I am sorry for the loss, and I give thanks for what is gained in learning.

I am always grateful for what has been received and shared.

In metaphysics, there is an understanding that what we appreciate increases.

There is the knowledge that where we focus, we encourage and expand.

 Our attention gives value to where we focus, and our focused energy increases.

Therefore, it is essential that we learn to focus on the Good to have more Good.

With all the changes in environment, economy and family life, we must find gratitude.

When our world, nation and communities are ever-changing, we can learn to increase the Good

When we allow our attention to attend to what is insufficient, we keep seeing and believing in the negative.

Our focus must turn toward creative solutions and positive outcomes.

What can I do?

What can we do?

How are we valuing what is beneficial?

Where are we contributing to what is improving?

Begin by simply learning to say “Thanks!”

In prayer, we can say, ”Thank you God.”

In praise, we can be pleased with each new day.

In healing, we can smile on one another.

Give thanks for the home you live in and the bed you sleep on.

Give gratitude for the choices you are making to help and serve.

Be appreciative of the food you eat and how it grew.

Be aware of the value of life, liberty and the pursuit in happiness.

You are alive and able to choose.

Be aware of how you can contribute.

We are able to smile on one another.

Our world receives our presence to do good.

This is our opportunity to turn around our mind, body and spirit to value what we have created.

Let go with your blessings of what no longer deserves your attention and intention.

Serve yourself and others by giving thanks for what inspires and enlightens you today.

Give your best and receive your own blessings of appreciation.

I value you, 

Betty Lue