Saturday, July 22, 2023

Who Comes First?




Love is letting go of fear.  

Love is freedom and trust.

Trust in your own healing process.

Allow others to have their own healing process.


You cannot help another unless you have helped yourself.

You cannot save anyone unless you can save yourself..

You cannot fully love anyone unless you are loving you.

You cannot be there for another until you have learned to be there for you.

Do you ever ask yourself what is true for you?

What have you learned from your life?

What do you want to experience in your life?

What are you willing to do to have what you want?

It is unhealthy to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

It is unhealthy to keep complaining about the same issues.

It is unhealthy to try to get someone else to change.

It is unhealthy to focus on another’s happiness before you change your own unhappiness.

The only life you have to save is yours.

The only complaints you need to address are yours.

The only way to see a change is within yourself.

What creates more happiness is focusing on your own happiness and well being.

So why do you stay?

Why do your complain?

Why do you care?

And what do you care about….if not yourself?

If you are in an unhealthy relationship, choose again.

Are you trying to fix someone else?

Are you there to change the other person?

Are you there because you love another more than yourself?

Women (or men) who love too much often blame themselves for their partner’s unhappiness.

Women (and Men) often sacrifice to make someone else happy.

They often do not see this as co dependent behavior, encouraging the other to be dependent.

They don’t notice they have conditioned their partner to complain to get attention.

What can you do to teach others to take responsibility for themselves?

What can you do to show others how to be responsible for their own happiness?

What is the best way to demonstrate happiness to someone else?

Be happy and responsible for yourself!

If you take on the other's hurt, pain, fear and anger, , it becomes yours.

If you empathize with another’s unhappiness, you will feel like it is yours to fix, heal and change.

If you take the blame and feel guilty, you will believe it is your responsibility .

This becomes your own false belief, erroneous fear, and will tend to lead to resentment.

Your work is to step away, detach and stop allowing anyone to hurt you or make you unhappy.

It is about time to love yourself and be happy.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

 They say 90-95% of all families and marriages are codependent.

 So only 5% of adults are independent mature responsible conscious individuals!

Is it time to encourage and inspire yourself and others to think for yourself?

Four Agreements.

Make No Assumptions. 

Keep Your Agreements. 

Take Nothing Personally. 

Always Give Your Best.

By Don Miguel Ruiz

Do what allows you to feel good about You.