Sunday, July 23, 2023

What Isn't Working?

Is Your Life Working?




I fix what is broken and make it new again.

I choose a life that work for me.

I believe joy and gratitude show the way to go.

I am willing to learn from everything and everyone.

What Is Not Working In Your Life?

Have you asked yourself, “What Isn’t Working  in my Life?”

Life is meant to be "fun, safe and easy".

We are here to enjoy as we learn.

When we are grateful, we are fulfilled.

When life “sucks”, something is wrong.

When we are unhappy, we have neglected our happiness.

When we feel alone, we are disconnected.

When we see ourselves as failing, we have not learned.

Life gives us clues to wake us up.

Unhappiness shows us we have neglected ourselves.

When we have lost our way, we stepped off our path.

Challenges  are meant to inspire us to learn.

There is always a purpose when we are willing to learn it.

There is no failure when we stop judging ourselves and others.

We can stop judging, blaming and feeling guilty, when we forgive.

We must stay awake and stop sitting in comfort, apathy and laziness.

Sometimes our relationships bug us and we want to blame them.

Sometimes our health fails us and we want to judge our body.

Sometimes our money stops flowing and we want to get more.

Sometimes we just get sick and tired of living and we want to quit.

Many reasons show up for everyone to make the changes we need.

We are here not to settle for little or less.

We are here to give more, not get more, for ourselves.

We thrive when we stop maintaining and not just surviving.

If something is broken, fix it or let it go and begin new.

If something is no longer of value to you, let it go and seek only what is valuable.

If someone is hurting you, stop and step away.

You are here to love you and trust you and give yourself what is good for you.

When you see that life is not highest and best for you, listen within to your heart.

When you feel you are not giving your best, stop and ask what will inspire you to do better.

When you are complaining and blaming, watch your behavior and your words and focus on you.

When you feel useless, hopeless and stop caring, start giving to anyone whom you care for.

Giving is living with full of joy.

Getting is needing and filled with self deprecation.

Fearing is avoiding what is yours to learn and do.

Loving is trusting you can do anything that is really good for you.

Work for your life and what brings you energy and joy.

Always give your best, beginning with yourself.

When you need, take a rest and ask how you can fulfill yourself.

You are here to create a happy working and productive life.

Loving you to make your highest dreams and vision come true.

Betty Lue

“Life is for learning.

Education leads out of ignorance.

The more we learn, the more we know.

The more we know, the better our resources.

The more  resources, the more choice we have.”

The more choices, the more enjoyable life can be.”