Friday, July 21, 2023

Thoughts Create





I forgive my mind for repeating negative stuff.

I choose to live what I believe is good and whole and loving for all.

I trust myself to transform limiting beliefs and false thinking.

My mind automatically erases everything that is not whole and loving and true.

Use Affirmations!

(Ask me if you want to know more about the effective use of affirmations!).

This powerful transformative tool will change your mind.

When you desire to undo what is not true and loving, use affirmations.

When you practice affirming what is good, you will feel good and be good.

Change your mind and change your life with affirmations.

Start with being happy.  ”I choose to be happy.”

You can choose to be happy and feel happy.

You can easily choose to be unhappy and feel unhappy.

Change your thinking and you will change your feelings.

The power of words creates.

Using your words and your thoughts will create the experience you have chosen.

When you think of Goodness and you use words: “I Am Good”. , you will feel Good. 

Why would you want to feel “bad”?

You will find people who always affirm the best they know for themselves.

You will observe what you affirm is usually exactly what you experience.

When you practice: “I am feeling better with every breath.” You will notice it is so.

What we think and say becomes our reality.

For most, affirmations will bring out your old negative thinking.

It is best to write the affirmation and listen for the negative thought to write down and cross off.

I am happy.  ,,,,this is stupid. Cross off the negative thoughts.

I am happy…….This wont work.

I am happy……who cares anyhow.

I am happy…this take too much time.

Write the affirmation 20 times for 20 days during your most receptive time (early AM or late PM.)

This practice of writing and saying the affirmation is to clear away negative  and opposing thoughts.

Your mind has been archiving the negatives for years, so the clean up job takes time.

Your mind may have been brain-washed by what is wrong, difficult, unhappy and not working.

The world I see is showing me the kindness and love I want to be.

Are you seeking for a better way?

Are you inviting Good and only Good into your life?

Do you believe you can have the life you want?

Are you attracting the Love you seek to feel?

You are once again choosing a good life.

You are seeking to share thoughts and feelings that are good.

You are wanting to feel happy and healthy and fulfilled.

You want to make a difference in your world.

Now is your time to practice what works for you.

Now you can forgive and let go of past errors and ignorance.

Now you can take the time and do the work to make your life work for you.

Now you can choose again to see and be different.

Loving you as the creative and positive being you are created to be.

Love works, 

Betty Lue