Thursday, July 20, 2023

Who Are You Really?




I feel relaxed and content being Who I Really Am?

I trust, respect and appreciate my Self.

I represent the Love within me.

I know I am guided by the Love I Am.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Everyone sees you differently.

Everyone hears what you say differently.

Everyone feels your love differently.

People are all interpreting what they see and hear and feel through their own filters.

How do you sound to yourself?

How do you act when you see yourself?

How do you look to yourself?

You see yourself differently depending on your current attitude and judgment.

What messages are you sending to others?

What messages are you receiving from others?

Do you check to see how others are responding or reacting to you?

It is helpful to be aware of what it is you are projecting.

What do you see, but a reflection of yourself?

What do you hear, but the way you sound?

How are you behaving, but copying your current culture?

And when you are different you will lead others to sound and look and act more like you.

I see myself in the mirror and I smile.

I hear myself on my message recording and I sound happy and confident.

I behave with focus and being clear and present, and I feel awake.

How you see and hear and act may be what you want to project or is it?

Are you unique?

Are you awake?

Are you authentic?

Do you feel like your true Self?

Most people never consider what impression they make.

Many never consider how much it may matter.

Some actually don’t care how they fit or belong.

A few choose to project peace and happiness and love.

It is your conscious choice to be, do and say what is most important.

You can copy to fit in with how you talk and dress and behave.

You can try to be different to show up and stand out.

You can change the impression you make to fit with the message you want to send.

While we cannot change others’ projections onto us, we can certainly be true to ourselves.

While we cannot undo the past impressions we have made, we can make amends and make new impressions.

While we cannot state who we are and hold it forever, we can be present with ourselves in each moment.

We are who and what and how we choose to be in each present moment for the benefit of all.

Choose to be your best Self and be confident and happy.

Blessings flow abundantly when we are conscious.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue