Monday, July 24, 2023

Are You Willing?




I love to make changes for the highest good.

Change inspires letting go.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.

I am open and willing to allow good to flow to me and through me.

Ready For Change? 

Take a chance and do something different!

Interrupt your old unconscious habit patterns.

Try something new and novel.

Be willing to change what is not working for you.

When you are in a rut, you cannot see what is outside the hole.

When you get comfortable, you may not want want to risk a new choice.

When you are afraid of change, you may convince yourself what you have is good enough.

When you like what you have and where you are, be grateful and enjoy yourself.

Change is best with the ability to choose again.

Change is helpful when you are clear about what you really want.

Change is inspiring when it gives you a new perspective.

Change is a good choice when you learn from what change brings.

From a practical perspective, look at all possibilities.

Look at what may be the outcome and decide what you want.

Be clear and conscious about your decision.

Take full responsibility for what you decide.

When we resist there is always push back.

When we go with the flow, there is opening.

When we are indecisive, we sit waiting.

When we are in conflict, we get confused.

Consider what you want to change.

Look for the fun, safe and easy way.

Consider how to stay safe.

Never hurt others with your changes.

Truth telling often creates change.

Truth may hurts, but then it sets you free.

Truth may open your mind to what you really want.

Telling your truth for you to hear can get you clear.

Consider how it feels to be stuck.

Notice how unhappy you get when you fret.

Be willing to try trusting yourself.

Open you Self to seeking the highest and best for you.

When you live your life with trust and freedom, you feel most alive.

When you are choosing for what makes you happy, others feel happier too.

When you release the blocks to the awareness of Love, you feel enlivened.

Heartfelt change always brings something better.

You deserve to have what you really want.

Betty Lue