Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Love The Ones Around You!





Love Is Who I Am.

I am willing to Love for Goodness Sake.

I Love Myself  and share that Love with All.

Love is my Healer, my Teacher and my Guide.

Love The One You Are With.

Where you begin is where you are.

Love those who are around you.

They are with you to love and be loved.

You are the source and inspiration of Love.

You need not wait to find the right one.

You need not withhold love to find the best.

You need only give the love within you.

Love grows the more you give.

Love Now.

There may not be tomorrow.

Share your love and it will attract Love.

Be willing to show up in a loving state.

Express Love with words.

Show Love with smiles and affection.

Allow Love by giving your time and attention.

Give gifts that are meaningful to the receiver.

Your Love is the only real gift you have.

Your kindness and respect are what matters.

Your warmth and safety heal and show Goodness.

You are the Source of Love in your life.

When you give your children Love, you give them safety and security.

When you share your Love for your partner, you show them appreciation

When you are Loving to those around you, you demonstrate your kindness.

You are growing the Love within you and around you everyday in every way.

Begin by looking in the mirror and reminding yourself with Love.

Smile at the reflection and receive the love you give yourself.

Write affirmations on your mirror to read many times daily.

You need to give yourself quality time to value you.

Because you are the well spring of Love in your life, fill up first.

Because you can go deeply into that spiritual place, do it daily.

Because you know all good flows from you, to you and through you, trust it.

Because you can do it, just remind yourself to be the One.

Within you is the Source of all God.

Within you, you can feel the Love that is there.

Within you, you have the Power and the Presence to live in Love as Love.

Let you honor your Source and Love, only Love.

Loving everyone everyday because I can.

Betty Lue