Thursday, July 13, 2023

Healing Is Remembering Love






I remember to Love everyone everyday.

I forgive myself for forgetting to Love.

As I release fear, I naturally return to Love.

I remember I am Whole, when I reconnect with Love.

Remember Love

REUNION: Remember to Love and Return to Wholeness.

Healing is returning to Wholeness.

Lack of wholeness is a sign we have forgotten to Love.

Loving One Self, mind, body and Spirit is the first step to healing.

Holistic health is recognizing that everything is a part of everything.

Every piece of the whole affects every other piece.

Life is a connection of an infinite number of pieces.

It is essential that we recognize ourselves as a piece of a greater whole.

What have you left out?

What is missing in your life?

Do you realize every place of hatred, fear, judgment and avoidance is a block to Love?

Are you aware that your healing depends on releasing the blocks to the awareness of Love?

Have you forsaken, denied or betrayed anyone including yourself?

Do you take the time to listen to what is needed to heal all of you?

Are you aware that what you see in others represents a part of you?

Is it time to do the real thorough work for healing?

Bodies heal naturally when we love them and let go of fear.

Minds heal when we are at peace and let go of conflict.

Relationships heal when we erase the past and live with love in the present.

Lives heal when we trust in Good and allow the Goodness to flow within, around and through us.

Love is letting go of fear.

Life is letting go of resistance.

You are Love incarnate when you forgive all that is not Love.

Change your fearful, defensive and resistant thinking and reveal your wholeness, trusting and freeing Self within.

You are healed, whole and healthy when you allow the Good within to be fully expressed.

With every thought word and deed, you can set yourself free.

When you trust in the good within you, you find yourself living in loving, kind and healthy ways.

As you Love the Self-Realized You, there is a realization of your own natural wholeness.

Release the obstacles to Loving thoughts, words and deeds.

Open your mind to being true to your natural creative Self.

Allow your choices to be for your Highest and Best.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor when you live, love and give in Love.

You can return to wholeness by remembering always to Love one and All.

This means more than being nice.

It means being honest with kindness, serving with joy, learning what you teach, giving your Best to all.

You can because you are created by Love for the purpose of Loving.


So Be the Love You are.

I am willing to be Love too!

Betty Lue