Friday, July 14, 2023

I Am





You are the One seek.

Un-clutter your judgments and enjoy your life.

Be present and recognize the Gift.

Show up and pay attention.

Affirm All You Are.

You are Whole.

You are Essence.

You are Energy.

You are Love.

You are Creative.

You are Inspiration.

You are Being.

You are True.

Know Your Self.

Be true to your Self.

Be at home in your life.

Enjoy what is yours.

Your life is your creation. 

You are living what you came to be.

You are learning what you came to learn.

You are giving what you are here to give.

Be aware of what are your thoughts. 

Recognize your feelings about your Self.

Realize what you are living, loving and learning.

Let go and allow the Goodness to flow through You.

Enjoy your creation.

Be happy with your Self.

Appreciate what you do.

Live well as you do well.

The Essence of you is showing through you.

The Spirit of you is inspiring your creations.

The Love within you is shining as You.

You  cannot be what is not yours to be.

Do what inspires you.

Be the One who lives through you.

Have the Joy that comes with you.

For this is Your Life.

See the bigger picture.

Enrich yourself with Loving it all.

Clarify what you are learning.

Appreciate what you need to share.

Caring is your way of daring to fully live.

Sharing is your way to inspire your world.

And enjoying shows you how to fully express your Self.

You are the One you seek to be and do and have.

Loving you all the way.

Betty Lue