Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Feel Better






I choose to give my best by being my best.

I respond to my needs and my self with love and appreciation.

I give myself what is best for me.

I encourage everyone to do what is best for them.

You Will Feel Better!

You will feel better when you feel better!

You can will yourself to feel better.

You can choose to imagine feeling better.

You can use your power of choice to feel better. 

Practice feeling bad and then practice feeling good.

Notice how you breathe and hold your body when feeling good and feeling bad.

Envision how you look when feeling good or bad.

Watch yourself in the mirror when you feel inspired, energized and happy.

When you can feel the difference quickly, you are able to change your emotional and physical state.

Pause and deliberately change your state inside, (how you feel) and outside (how you look to others).

Begin to recognize you are the one choosing to alter your state of mind, body and spirit.

Your interaction with your whole self makes a difference to your whole being.

Be kind to your body, mind and Self.

Be respectful of your physical experience, your thoughts and your current state of Well Being.

Listen to you thoughts, feelings and energy.

Respond always with caring and daring to give yourself what is asked.


So often people deny what they need.

Often people betray themselves.

Many people disrespect themselves.

Are you listening and responding to your needs with love.?

Do you eat what your body wants for nutritional energy?

Do you sleep peacefully in a quiet and wholesome environment?

Are you open to listening to what is healthy for you to hear and see?

Do you associate with people who are positive, peaceful and happy with their lives.?


You can feel better when you do what is better for you.

You will do what is better for you when know you deserve better. 

When you put yourself first, you will inspire others to do better for themselves.

Your own well being will encourage others’ well being.

You teach by example.

You self improvement changes your attitude, health and happiness.

What is best for you will inspire others to do better for themselves.

When you have not known what is better, you may not realize how to do better.

Watch others whom you admire and learn what they do.

Listen to others who teach well being and inspire yourself.

Make a simple list and begin today to do what is good for your in every way.

Every positive change will impact every part of your life to be more healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Begin today.

Appreciating your open-mindedness and willingness.

Betty Lue