Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Emotions Express a Need




I honor emotions as a need to listen with great sensitivity and respect.

I trust the need to move or change something within all emotions.

I accept feelings as communicating energy that needs to be heard.

I believe everyone is always communicating the best they know.

Emotions Are Communication.

Are You Listening?

Crying is trying to tell you something.

Temper tantrums are communication.

Is Anyone really listening?

Can you interpret your own feelings?

Are you paying attention or merely suppressing?

Do you ask what your emotions mean?

Emotions are energy expressing itself for you to hear.

When you learn to respond with Love, you will come to peace.

When you learn to listen to others with caring, they will feel heard.

When you can interpret the language of emotion, you will understand.

When you are open and willing to respond to all things with Love, you will find inner Peace.


Become aware of your own language of emotion.

Emotions are “Energy in Motion".

When we judge or block the movement, we are stuck.

When we are willing to listen and share, we can do something.

When we flow with what is being expressed with respect, we are released.

Listen to the language of emotion.

Respond with love and hear the words and will and choices and requests.

Be open to showing the way to not block what is felt, but open the flow to healthy action.

Infants cry to tell you their need.

We must listen and respond with kindness.

Toddlers tantrum or act out because they need to be heard.

We must pay attention and hear what is being expressed.

When we attend to the basic need, the emotional expression will become a rational request.

When we hear the request, we can share what we hear with active listening and learn how to respond.

When we learn how to respond with Love, we can demonstrate how each can manage their own need.

All humans develop dependence on another or codependence to manage their life choices.

When you feel guilty about another’s emotional upset, you may not hear or interpret well.

When emotions are withheld, they become distorted or exaggerated.

It is important to calm and clear ourselves before responding appropriately.

It is essential that we seek to be truly helpful in order to satisfy what is needed.

Consider listening first and then attempting to respond by asking what may be preferred.

Consider responding first with kindness and empathy with: ”I am sorry. What can I do?

Consider waiting until the storm of emotions is calmed before attempting to be rational.

Consider caring enough to be fully present without guilt, anger or blame.

Emotional expression is always an attempt to meet an unmet need.

So listen for what is really needed.

Blessings in this sensitive and essential area of needed Loving response.

Betty Lue