Monday, July 10, 2023






I choose wisely and well.

We either succeed or we learn.

I learn from mistakes and choose again.

I am responsible for my choices.

You Can Choose.

When I am conscious, I choose wisely.

When I feel safe, I choose kindness.

When I remember Love, I choose to express Love.

When I prefer a good outcome, I choose Goodness.

If you are predicting drama, you will choose drama.

If you are criticizing and blaming, you will choose to make others wrong.

If you don't care, you will choose resentment and regret and separation.

If you are feeling sorry for yourself, you will choose self pity and neediness.

You can choose differently.

No matter what the circumstances, you can choose better for yourself.

Your attitude determines the experience you have.

With positive thoughts and feelings, you have chosen positive outcomes.

No one is a victim.

We all are volunteers.

When we victimize ourselves, we believe that externals determine our experience.

When we pre-judge what will be, we will experience our assigned outcome.

Volunteer for what you want to be.

Volunteer for learning and growth.

Volunteer for healing and health.

Volunteer for happiness and enjoyment.

You can always have more of what you want.

You can always be what you want to be.

You can always experience fulfillment .

Life is your canvas and learning laboratory.

Begin to practice with a better attitude.

Notice what happy people do to be happy.

Determine what you want from life and choose it daily.

Ask how you can change your mind to enjoy life more.

You are the chooser.

You are not a loser (unless you affirm you are!)

You are meant to rise up with inspiration and motivation.

You are here to give your best in order to experience the best in you.

Every dream can come true when you allow yourself to believe you can.

Every joy can be yours when you change your picture of what will be.

Every possibility will make itself known to you when you trust you can choose.

You are just now waking up into the reality you choose to have and  hold with Love.

I am trusting and believing in you and me to choose to be All We Can Be. 

Betty Lue