Thursday, June 22, 2023






I listen within and I know.

I trust my inner guidance.

My inner listening guides my fun, safe and easy life.

I encourage us all to trust what we know from within.

How Do You Know?

We think we know if we hear it from parents or elders.

We may believe what we read in books or on internet.

We may think we know because the people around us know the same.

We often believe what teachers and authorities tell us.

How do you know what is “true” for you?

How do you experiment to learn what is true?

How can you trust what you know or think you know?

How long does what you believe you know stay accurate?

Most of us have some intuition naturallyMaybe all of us are born with an inner knowing??

Many are born with an inner voice that knows what will keep us safe and happy.

Maybe all of us are born with an inner sense of what is good for us.

Often children learn early to listen to their parents for their safety rules and how to please elders.

When we trust others with our guidance, we often stop paying attention to what “feels” right to us.

We learn to follow what others do and give up our natural inner knowing.

We learn to follow rules, society’s values and keep their peace by doing what others teach us to do.

Consider the possibility that there is an intuition you still have to guide you to know what is good.

Intuition can direct us to avoid harm.

Intuition can teach us who to trust and believe.

Intuition can show us what is best.

Intuition can give us information to share with others.

We usually listen to reason, logic and common practice.

We may lose our ability and trust in our inner listening.

We may abandon our own natural instincts and intuition.

We may abort plans to follow our inner guidance.

Perhaps it is time to stop thinking and start listening within.

We may notice when we “heard” what to do and denied it.

You can begin to develop you psychic, telepathic, or intuitive knowing.

You can practice and watch to see how accurate and helpful it will be.

Life is often simply a remembering or rediscovery of our own knowing.

Our life journey may be more fun, safe and easy when we listen within.

We may discover we can trust our own inner guidance more than other’s beliefs.

Often, we have more accurate responses when we are open and willing to know.


Sit quietly in a special place to still mind and body.

Bring a pad of paper and pen to write down answers or guidance your hear.

Write down the questions or what you prefer to heal.

Wait and listen for whatever comes and write without censoring.

Our intuition will bring happiness, peace and wisdom for you.

Love, trust and freedom work.

Betty Lue

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and non-conscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason.

It is our “inner voice,” our gut feeling, that “little something” instinctual from within, which tells us how we feel beneath those layers of logic ... Sometimes it is referred to as gut feeling, sixth sense, innate wisdom, inner sense, instinct, inner voice or inner knowing.


When I listen to my inner guidance system, I often feel called to do or say something without understanding why. 

Because I so trust in this inner knowing, I simply allow it to guide my life and the writing you see here.

I often learn from what I share with you and others in counseling or teaching. 

I let go of the need for proof. I trust that the "knowing without knowing" always gives me more good to share.  

It is from this feeling of openness and trust that I let go and am present with whatever I am given to do or say.