Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Balancing Energy





Life is good and getting better day by day.

I choose to live my life well.

I am able to respond with conscious awareness everyday.

I honor my whole self with the Love and Good within me.

Be Responsible for Your Life Energy!

To be response-able means to respond with love.

Being responsible is freeing.

Being responsible feels safe.

Being responsible is paying attention.

It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves!

The responsible one is most conscious and conscientious.

Being responsible is doing what is best for all concerned. 

Being responsible is balancing your energy.

If you are hot, cool off. 

If you are upset, calm down.

If you are going to fast, slow down.

If you are going crazy, breathe deep and relax.

When you are over doing, pause and listen for a better way.

If you are lethargic and bored, look around for what needs your attention.

Too much of anything is asking for less.

Too little is asking for more.

Notice what you notice.

Observe what is needed.

Respond with kind respect.

Tend to your own energy.

Especially during times of volatility, ensure your own peace.

Of course, when overwhelmed, seek and ask for reliable help.

When you find yourself in a situation you don’t want, leave. (even to the bathroom.)

Remember that you are responsible for your own choices.

Understand that your life is in your hands, so listen deeper to the highest guide.

Your own guidance system needs to get your attention.

Always choose for what is highest and best for all, especially you.

What is best for you will always bring you happiness and inner peace.

You can choose today to walk away from unkind and disrespectful behaviors.

Today you can grow up and into the way you want to think and do and say.

You are the key to everything you seek for healing, learning, and choosing for Good.

Life is your gift and the mirror on which you can see what you need to clear and balance.

Make everyday the best day of your life.

When the light is bright, choose again for the best you know.

When you are awake and aware, begin where you are to clean up.

You can balance your energy with love today, because you are responsible and free.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue