Monday, June 19, 2023

More Light!





I live with delight when I see what really is.

I forgive and wash away thoughts and feelings that block the light.

I choose to live with inspiration, joy and gratitude.

Love and Light guide my way in all things.

Light!  Light!  More Light!

Light is energy.

Light is warmth.

Light is vision.

The more you see, the better.

Open to Light!

Receive the Light!

Enjoy the Light!

Be the Light!

When we can see what is, we can clean and make better.

When we have more light, we shine away what is dark.

When we feel more light, we can let go of the heaviness.

When we are more light, we can share the Good we have.

With our eyes open, we begin to see what is under the chaos and clutter.

When our mind is awake, we can see what is misperceived and needs Love.

When our emotions are free, we feel inspired, capable and happy to give our best.

When our body is filled with light, we recognize we are energized, healthy and alive.

The light comes when we forgive.

The light comes when we love.

The light comes when we bless.

The light comes when we are free.

The more we are grateful, the more we are filled with delight!

The more we enjoy, the more our happiness inspires others.

The more we clear fear, the more our light shines.

The more we let go, the more our love will show.

Consider living with delight.

Consider giving what is real.

Consider caring about everything and everyone.

Consider sharing the light within and all around you.

This is the time of greatest Light.

We can see all that blocks our sight.

As we clear the blocks we see, there is more to clear.

We are here to see what is beneath all the clutter we have accumulated.

Clear the physical clutter and junk.

Undo the emotional fear and resentment.

Release the thoughts of disaster, disease and despair.

Lift your being into the light of goodness, beauty and love.

Be the light and bring DeLight into your life.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue