Thursday, May 04, 2023

The Unknown

Seek The Highest Good.

Look For What You Want!


I trust Love and Goodness prevail.

I am created to explore, learn and create.

I love experiencing new ideas and new people.

The Unknown or Great Mystery call to me to see beyond the limits of what seems to be.

Be Curious!

We are naturally curious until we learn to be afraid.

Children want to explore.

People love to learn.

Ask questions to express your curiosity.

We need to explore and experiment to learn.

We must trust ourselves to try new possibilities.

We expand our consciousness by being open and willing.

Trust yourself to do what is new for you.

Novelty is a way of setting ourselves free.

When we seek the unknown, we learn massively.

When we are willing to break tradition, our minds work.

When we enjoy freedom of thought, we thrive and succeed.

Life is for learning.

Life is for exploring.

Life is for enjoying. 

Life is for seeing beneath the obvious.

When we want to reach for the stars, we enter into the unknown.

When we want to succeed, we step out of our comfort zone,

When we strive to achieve more than our parents and peers, we risk failure.

When we try what is new for us, we free ourselves to go for what we envision.

Most self confident and trusting individuals are curious.

Most positive happy people want to try what is new.

Most trusting folks see life as an adventure in which to strive and learn.

When we believe in ourselves and others, we encourage this seeking, striving and learning.

Consider what you are willing to do to imagine more, learn more, give more and be more.

Consider what you are curious about, but never dare to ask or try.

Consider how you need to express more, enjoy more and do more.

Consider how really loving yourself might look when you are unafraid.

We live in a time where fear and caution see to be what people trust.

We seem to teach our children and parents to be careful about most people.

We seem to be advertising what can go wrong and how to prevent disease and accidents.

We imprison ourselves with scary beliefs, protective measures and warnings of disaster.

How can you be safe?

How can you protect yourself?

How can you be free to enjoy life?

What do you need to be open-minded and curious?

For most people, learning, education and inspiration work wonders.

Betty Lue

Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Romans 12:2