Wednesday, May 03, 2023


Believe in You!

Live What You Believe!


I know what I am here to give and receive.

All good for the good of all is mine to have.

I share always the good within me.

My imagination shows me what I have to believe in.

Your Beliefs Create!

Live what you believe.

Beliefs are meant to be lived by you for you.

When you believe and live your belief, you prosper.

When you do what you believe needs to be done, you experience success.

When you doubt, your beliefs fall apart.

When you deny what you believe, you weaken your self.

When you question what you believe, you are as likely to live out your doubts.

You learn to keep your beliefs strong by trusting in you.

Take time to explore what you believe.

Take a moment to notice the lives of those who believe wholeheartedly.

Recognize that your lack of faith (belief + trust) opens the way to doubt and fear.

Understand that 100% commitment works for the experience you have chosen.

When you believe half-heartedly, you diminish the outcome by your doubt.

When you believe a little bit, you experience a little of what you believe.

When you believe and doubt, you experience some of each.

Literally our conscious committed belief (energy vibration) will manifest naturally.

If you believe in holistic living, live holistically.

If you believe in kindness, be 100% kind.

If you believe in God, live in a Godly way everyday.

If you believe you will succeed, think, speak and behave with confidence in your success.

You are the one who is calling forth what you want to be.

When you trust in your own choice, you erase all doubt.

When you experiment with what you believe, you will notice what occurs.

When you are busy trying to pretend you believe, your true thoughts will show up.

You can trust you and see what you trust.

You can believe in yourself and see what you believe in.

You can respect what you know and see what you respect.

You are the one who conceives and sees what you have conceived.

Learn to research to find out how life works.

Watch what others do and let it be lessons for you.

Realize you are here to learn how to let your dreams come true.

Understand that the magic of belief is in your mind and in your hands.

Conceive and believe to perceive and achieve.

It is all up to you.

Love prevails when you believe it will always be.

Betty Lue