Friday, May 05, 2023






I love to learn from everyone.

My life is an ever-present reflection of me.

I am here to experience the life I create.

I easily and quickly correct any and all errors.

Your Integrity Empowers Your Life!

Where you are honest, you develop confidence.

When you live what you believe, you feel strong.

How you relate to others will show to how others relate to you.

Your life choices are reflected in the life you experience.

When you learn from everyone and every experience, your choices come into alignment.

When you discard, judge and blame others, you may repeat your errors over and over.

We are here to learn actively and conscientiously.

Our lives are the report card on our integrity and willingness to learn.

Integrity is thinking, speaking, acting and living in alignment with what you believe is good and true.

Integrity is having the confidence to do what you would want done for you.

Integrity is being responsible for the choices you make and experiences you have.

Integrity is applying guiding principles and ethics in everything you do and say. 

Many people set goals which are not in integrity with what is moral or ethical.

Many people use others to get their own needs and wants met.

Many people neglect considering what they believe is fair and right for all.

When one is living without integrity, life experiences reflect where they have gotten off track.

Is it time for you to get clear about your values?

Are you letting something or someone guide you falsely?

Are you pleased with how you live and love and give?

Do you feed no need to hide parts of your life?

Learn to be clear, confident and honest about everything you do and say.

Be willing to forgive and clear mistakes and choices you have made.

Stop and reconsider where you have been off purpose and choose again.

Life is meant to be constant and never-ending improvement.

Live with integrity and see how you flourish.

Live what you believe and notice how good you feel.

Live with kindness and respect for others and see how they admire you.

Live with conscious and consistent intention and you will prosper.

The bumps in the road and in relationships show us where we have misperceived.

The problems in life at home and work are invitations to find a better way to relate.

The choices we make consciously and unconsciously are opportunities to learn.

Life is our ever-present feedback system and scorecard to show needed improvement.

Focus on clearing and not complaining.

Learn to give the best without needing to “get” the best.

Teach and tell what you want to learn and remember.

Be willing to always give the best you know and learn every better.

Trusting in our learning together.

Betty Lue

Mature adults live with integrity at home and work. 

Be Respectful.

Be Responsible.

Be Cooperative.

Create a Better World for All.