Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Respect Builds Trust!

Treat Yourself and Others with Respect.

Everyone Needs To Learn!


I love, trust and respect myself.

I attract trusting respectful relationships.

I observe and learn quickly what is appropriate behavior in new situations.

I trust myself more, the more respectful I am.

Respect Builds Trust!

Respect yourself and you will learn to trust yourself.

Disrespect creates lack of courage and weakness.

It is difficult to trust yourself if you do not respect you.

The more you have respect, the more confident you feel.

If you have never witnessed respect, you may not know what it is.

If you have not been respected by parents and teachers, you may not feel worthy of respect.

If you have not seen good manners, you may not even understand how it shows up.

If you associate with people who have little respect for themselves and others, you may not respect you.

Life is a game of learning and often copying those with whom you associate.

When you watch parents who are disrespectful, you may think it is normal.

When you have been abused or neglected, you may accept it as OK.

When you are in disrespectful relationships, you may simply see it all as usual.

The dilemma is how to learn the difference between respect and disrespect.

As I work with parents, teens and children, I realize there is much missing.

Media and what seems popular is often disparaging, negative and full of crude language.

People seem to conform to what they see and hear at home and work and school.

How do you take care of yourself?

Do you treat yourself as you want others to treat you?

Do you use crude language and behave in rude ways?

Do you notice and apologize for doing hurtful things?

Do you behave in ways that are kind and helpful?

Do you take good care of your things and your home?

Do you listen to your own needs and appreciate what you do?

Do you ask yourself what you want and make sure you follow through?

With others are you thoughtful?

Do you ask permission before you assume or take?

Do you say Please and Thank You?

Do you apologize when you hurt someone’s feelings?

Whether in public or private, are you comfortable with your language and behavior?

Do you notice the expectations when in another’s home or workplace?

Do you do for others what you want them to do for you?

Do you practice extraordinary ethics and etiquette.?

People who are respectful pay attention to the mores and morals of those around them.

People give themselves the opportunity to be trusted by showing consistently healthy behavior.

We build trust in ourselves and in others when we are respectful in our thinking, speaking and acting.

The outcome is more successful healthy harmonious and prosperous relationships.

I respect and trust myself, so I can relate with trust and respect with you.

Love works all the time.

Betty Lue

Be Respectful.

Be Responsible.

Be Cooperative.

Create a Better World for All.