Monday, May 01, 2023

Don't Complain





I am inspired by appreciation.

The more I value, the more I have to value.

Life is enriched by my gratitude.

I easily let go of my negative thinking.


No Complaints.  Appreciate!

Complaining drains.

Appreciation increases.

Simple guide to a good life.

Think it and feel it and make it so!

Smiling with you at how fun, safe and easy this is!

Stop complaining about what is not yours.

Stop complaining about the petty stuff.

Start sharing what you value and feel good about.

In what may be a world of frustration and fear, you can turn it around.

Start a new fad and show everyone how they can join the appreciation club.

It will change your day and your life to simply express gratitude and praise.

Look for the good and say something good.

Begin to see your life with new forgiving eyes.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

It washes away the negativity and opens you to really see.

What is it that you want to see and be and encourage?

Use your own choice to see what you value.

Look for the gold.

Seek out what you want to increase.

Look for what is yours to do.

When you see something to change

“I enjoy doing what is helpful and beneficial!”

When you notice what you want……

Just do it with generosity and gratitude.

Let us add to the Good in our lives.

Let us enjoy all the Good we have.

Let us create more Good and positivity.

Let us really seek and see what is Good.

Others will learn to take care of themselves.

Others can clean up their own messes.

Others will learn appreciation works.

Others will benefit from your appreciation.

Make appreciation a game.

Make thanksgiving a way of life.

Make your gratitude by your way of giving.

Make what you want what you value everyday.

Loving you with gratitude and joy.

Betty Lue