Saturday, May 06, 2023

Attention and Focus




I focus on the positive outcome with enthusiasm.

I trust that everything works together to teach.

I learn from the object of my attention.

I easily clear negative thoughts, words and behavior.

What Is Your Focus?

Focus, attention, direction and intention are your GPS system.

Where do you place your  focus of energy?

When you put your energy on something, you are guiding your life.

How you use you your time, energy and money is where you invest.

Our children may be our guiding light.

Our home and money may be our primary focus.

How you awaken and what is your daily “to do” list guides you.

Many people make themselves their primary value and focus.

When you want happiness, you can make everything about feeling good.

When you want to look better, younger, healthier, you can spend your time, money and energy there.

When you are trying to please others, you may allow that to be your primary focus.

You may notice that you shift your focus, direction and attention many times during everyday.

Conflict of interest will create a lessening of your success and fulfillment.

When you develop a laser of intention, you will discover higher likelihood of completion.

The mind will divide our attention when we have many directions going at once.

With a split focus, you may experience confusion, inner conflict and anxiety.

Consider finding what really matters to you and using it to guide your life.

Where we place our highest value can bring peace to the mind.

When we choose what encompasses all other values, we find a single direction.

Look for what you value most and you will find that it includes all others.

If peace of mind is your single goal, you may realize that it includes most other values.

To have health, happiness, prosperity and service may be included in peace of mind.

If service/contribution is your highest value, you may notice that many of your goals will be fulfilled.

To serve, you need happiness, prosperity, generosity, sensitivity, health, faith, love and open-mindedness.

Goals held in mind bring focus and attention.

Commitment comes from knowing what we really want and going for it.

Consistent attention and intention is how we enjoy fulfillment daily.

Every focused thought, word and activity will bring consistent energy in alignment.

You choose your focus and where you place your attention and intention.

You cannot be committed sometimes and experience the result you want.

You can bring your highest purpose to the forefront and notice fulfilling results all the time.

Seek you what is truly highest and best for you and for others.

Love with all your heart and mind.

Value what is given you for good.

Enjoy the fruits of your focused labor.

Life shows you consistently what works.

Trusting us all to learn to focus our attention and intention.

Betty Lue