Sunday, April 30, 2023

Reveal an Heal

Life Is For Healing.

Learn To Let Go.


Life offers revelations of learning.

Explore the learning and discover your truth.

Practice your truth to see which way to go.

Healing reveals what you have learned.

Reveal and Heal

When we feel unsafe, we cannot tell.

When we feel judged, we are afraid.

When we tell lies, we hide from truth.

When we feel ashamed, we duck and cover..

It is when we show that we can let go.

Hiding our truth makes us more vulnerable.

Blaming our past leaves us insecure.

We need to reveal in order to heal.

Find the safest person to share.

Ask that they forgive and erase.

Find the simplest process to write and release.

Wipe the slate clean by realizing the past is gone.

When we are free of fear, we can clear.

Listen to your own judgment and forgive.

We need not relive or review in order to learn.

We can undo what no longer is true.

Our work here is to clean the slate.

Never repeat what is not healthy and good.

Stop remembering what not helpful to anyone

You can finally release never to repeat.

Some see the past as haunting them.

Some believe you must remember to never repeat.

Some trust that what you hold onto is likely to be repeated.

Feel your energy when you remember and when you forgive and forget.

Left over layers of waste sink to the bottom.

When they are stirred up, they come to the surface.

Filter them off and throw them away to be fertilizer another day.

If left to ferment and become toxic, they may pollute your life energy.

Reveal and let go.

Reveal and you’ll know.

Reveal and you will heal.

Celebrate your healing with courage and joy.

Trusting you in loving, respecting and honoring you.

Betty Lue