Saturday, April 15, 2023

Be Still and Know

Sit Quietly.

Breathe Slowly.

Listen Within.

Be Grateful.


I am willing to listen within for the innerTruth.

I am open to release the limitations I have placed on my mind.

I trust in the quiet there is connection to all that is good and whole.

I forgive all that is blocking the Light and Wisdom available to me.

Be Still and Know

Each morning I sit quietly and listen for inner guidance.  

Listen. Listen. Listen.

Sit and listen to your inner voice.

Quiet your mind and open your heart.

Pay attention to what is good and whole within.

Trust in the Love within you.

This is your creative power.

This is where your true identity resides.

This is the You that you have been seeking.

We often hear of inner guidance.

But how do we access what is within?

Where do we go to truly know what is?

Are we free to see what can be?

As I listen each day, I acknowledge that I do not know.

As I receive these Loving Reminders, I wait to receive.

I only want a receptive mind open to be helpful to all.

I ask for nothing but the Highest Truth to serve what is Good.

And Yes, the same is requested for me, that I might continue to be.

I want only to serve the Highest Good, for this is my higher purpose.

I need nothing for myself for I am content to live as I am called.

My life has value as I continue to vision and participate in what is.

Sometimes I ask about other callings.

On occasion I consider living a more ordinary life.

I even try to be what others would see as “normal”.

Yet, what brings ease and joy is to enjoy what comes to me.

"Ask and you shall receive.

Knock and it shall be opened to you.

Give all Good so that all may benefit.

Listen and follow the High Way."

These are the gifts of Spirit that continue to inspire me.

This is what I came here for, to love, serve and remember Goodness.

I am happy and peaceful when I serve this HelpfulHealing Purpose.

When I forget or neglect, I lose my happy days and ways.

Then I awaken and remember to ask: What is my Truth, my path and my way?

I can tell because I am happy and at peace with all that is.

I free myself from condemnation and separation and simply serve.

I live in love and give with gratitude and full appreciation of all that is.

Life is good and getting better as I see with forgiving eyes and trust in Good.

Loving you and me, awakening to our revealing of the Truth beneath the apparency.

Betty Lue