Sunday, April 16, 2023

Are You Loving You?

Respect Your Self.

Be Good to Your Self.

You Deserve Your Best.

Affirmations for You:

I love being here.

The more I am happy, the more I share my happiness.

Self Respect and Love is what I naturally give to others.

It is fun, safe and easy to Love The One I AM.

Are You Loving You?

Are you nurturing you?

Do you appreciate You?

Is anyone taking care of you?

Are you aware of what you need?

If you have never been unconditionally loved, how can you even understand?

If you have not been nourished well, you cannot know how?

If you have never experienced loving attention, do you know how that feels?

If you have not been adequately loved, respected, listened to and supported, how do you know how?

Children learn how to love by how they are loved.

We all learn from the experience.

When we have a nurturing parent, teacher, person, we learn how to nurture.

What we receive as children, we apply to ourselves until we learn differently.

We unconsciously repeat the patterns we experienced in early childhood.

When we have positive, loving and supportive adults to care for us, we tend to repeat their choices.

When we have negative, unkind and ignorant adults caring for us, we tend to repeat that behavior.

It takes conscious awareness, education, and healing work to heal the wounds and misunderstandings.

When we are unaware of how to love and respect, nurture and nourish, ourselves, we must learn.

When we are left alone, ignored and unattended, we may do the same to ourselves and to others.

In your own life, seek out role models of good parenting and positive partnering.

Begin to educate and inspire yourself to do better, learn more and inspire yourself to love you daily.

The more our focus is on what is unloving, the more we tend to accentuate and repeat lack of love.

Complaining about the past is draining.

Criticism and feeling sorry about the past sets a tone of continual negativity.

It is essential that there be a shift in focus, attention and direction.

You cannot get where you are going by looking behind you.

You cannot feel loved, respect and supported by wishing someone else will do it for you.

You cannot open the door to new experiences and feelings without saying YES to yourself.

You cannot know Love when you find it. if you have not given Love to yourself.

It is essential that you seek and choose happiness for yourself.

It is necessary that you provide comfort and safety to yourself.

It is key that you wash away the hurtful thoughts and feelings.

It is your life work to learn to love and respect, support and care for yourself.

Now is your time to renew your commitment to yourself and your own highest and best life.

Begin today.

Let go of the past and choose your own new future, beginning Now.

Loving you, now and always,

Betty Lue

Give yourself to Love.

And Love will give to you.

Live your life with Trust.

And Trust will see you through.