Saturday, March 18, 2023

Teach Only Love

March 18, 2023 

Teach Only Love

Patience, Kindness, Integrity, Trust.

Live what You want to Experience.


I remember to remember to love.

Love is the way I am heard.

I know Love works because it works with me.

Love is the only Power that is Good for All.

Teach Only Love

No More Fears please!

No more Tears please!

No more anger, for goodness sake.

What do we really want?

We say we want Love.

We say we want harmony.

We say we want to get along.

We say it, but what do we do?

We say we want Peace.

We say we want Happiness. 

We say we want Health.

Do we teach and demonstrate only Love?

Parents may say they want peace and harmony.

Teachers say they want respect and cooperation.

Leaders say they want people to stop criticizing them.

Are we all setting the example and showing how?

Consider how people, young and old, want to be treated.

Consider what inspires children to do well with learning.

Consider how people follow their leaders with dedication.

How are we teaching and leading and parenting others?

If parents, teachers and elders are not living what they teach. what do we all learn?

If there is fear, threats and intimidation what do we all learn?

If there is punishment, hurting and pain, what do people feel?

If there is anger, violence and attack, what do the people want?

It is our time to clean up our own behavior.

Let us learn to stop bullying in our speech.

Let us give up violent talk, media and criticism.

Let us stop causing fears and tears and angry behavior.

When we see we have caused fear and hurt, anger and pain, stop and apologize.

There is always a better way to teach.

When we recognize we have bullied and demanded, shamed and blamed, it is time to stop.

There is a kind, respectful, gentle, and patient way to share and teach and lead everyone.

Love is the most powerful and effective way to teach love, respect, responsibility and cooperation.

Teach only Love.

This applies to our children, our parents, our neighbors, our students.

The works when we remember to teach only Love to ourselves.

Loving to learn when I am loved.

Loving to teach when I remember to Love, 

Betty Lue

I am loving us all.  

It is love that prevails in all things, large and small.

Above all, let us simply remember to love. 

Betty Lue