Friday, March 17, 2023

Let's Live and Work Together!





I love this world we have joined together with vision, faith and cooperation.

I welcome my fellow beings to continue to create more Good for all.

I trust that with Love in us together we cannot lose.

I know each one of us has value and is to be celebrated for the Greater Good.

St Patrick’s Day Immigrants

We all are immigrants in the sense that we migrated to new places, new jobs, new families. 

Our people came to this country to start a new life of freedom with responsibility,  

We all were born into this world to find a better way to live and give, to learn and earn.  

Most of us learned quickly that we need to work and study, get along and contribute.

We are born into this world to begin our own new life. 

We join our family system to align with their principles and values.

We move into our communities with the need to participate and contribute.

We go to our jobs with an assignment to work and follow rules for accomplishment.

This is the natural path of all peoples, even as we may assume that we belong here.

We often believe our origin is to be taken for granted.

We either accept our assignment and learn to communicate, or we don’t.

There are many who continue to feel they don’t fit and are stay separate and alien.

All of us can begin to understand, in some sense we are all foreigners.

Some are pioneers and some need to be welcomed.

Some hold the early history and some know nothing at all.

Yet, all of us need to be aware our country is young and so are we.

How much easier it is to welcome one another.

How much more effective it is to work together.

How much more prosperous it is to share what we have.

How much more fun it can be when we fully appreciate what we doing.

Life is indeed fun, safe and easy when we join one another.

All of us can be creative in our new and ever-changing world.

We can connect with open-mindedness and appreciation.

We can learn about one another with interest and respect.

As a human family, we can stop excluding and learn to appreciate our differences.

As a culture, we can enjoy the inclusion of all talents and abilities.

As the greater humanity, we can stand together in our strengths.

We are here to join and work with one another for the good of all.

Perhaps we judged because we were comparing.

Perhaps we hated because we were afraid.

Perhaps we forgot we are all born free to choose.

The hard working peoples who came to build a new future were a source of inspiration and greater good.

Let us celebrate all peoples joining together from many lands, many beliefs, values, and histories.

Let us value one another and how much we have to give to one another.

No one greater or lesser….everyone worthy and a Source of more Good for all.

Thank you to my brothers and sisters for bringing your unique ideas, beliefs and resources.

Blessings to us all, wonderfully unique as we are.

Betty Lue

May you be happy and well.

May you remember to be loving.

May you find peace in all you say and do.

May this day bring only Goodness to you.

Only Love prevails.