Sunday, March 19, 2023

Many Roles and Many Scripts!

We Are Actors on the Stage of Life.

What Part Are You Playing?

You Can Choose!


I am playing my part and learning to Love more.

I live in the awareness I am You and You are me.

Learning is fun, safe and easy, when we stop judging.

Life is my University and I am always a student.

Many Personalities In One YOU.

You are One.

And yet you are many.

You are created in Love as Love to be loving.

And you may not see yourself as always Loving.

So what of these various personality expressions?

Sometimes angry, judgmental, impatient and easily frustrated?

Sometimes apologetic, compassionate, caring and accepting?

Sometimes fearful, forgetting, uncertain and full of doubt?

And do you remember what is true about you?

Are you aware of how to clear the emotional changes?

Has hunger, fatigue and pain affected your emotional reactions?

How do you change from emotional reaction to loving response?

Are there many personalities in you?

Or are there aspects of self you have learned?

Have you incorporated what is expected?

Can you sort out the essential essence of Who You Truly Are?

We have the choice to be what is familiar and acceptable.

We can choose the part we play on each stage of life.

Some behave mature when they are young

Some behave childlike when they are older.

You may find in certain settings you take on different personalities.

You may play different parts at home with family vs when seen in public. 

Personality changes and emotional reactions are a choice when self aware.

And we can alter what parts we show as preferred to serve our needs.

I play many parts of humanity.

I can be my mother and father, my child self and my wise elder.

I can choose to be a fair witness to the ways I am expressing and emoting.

When I get lost in my part as does an actor, I may totally forget Who I Really Am.

We are all actors on the stage of life.

We reveal ourselves when we feel safe.

As we heal past wounds, we awaken.

As we awaken, we are able to choose and change.

We learn as we go, allowing ourselves to forgive and accept many differences.

As we see and feel things differently, we openly feel more accepting and allowing.

In our tolerance, patience and open-mindedness we trust more in Love within us all.

Let us make way for what is revealing and healing and showing more acceptance for all.

Always learning to see more truly and love more dearly and be the Love I Am.

Betty Lue