Thursday, March 16, 2023


Share Goodness. = Feel Good!

Feel Good! = Sharing Good. 

You Make the Difference!


It is fun, safe and easy to share the Good I have.

I am abundantly blessed with everything I need to share with others.

Love works for those around me because I share.

I trust sharing and caring increases love and happiness for us all.

Sharing Is Caring!

Did you learn how to share in your family?

Did you learn how to share in kindergarten?

Have you learned how to share with your neighbors?

Are you willing to really care about others?

Start with yourself.

Care about what is best for you.

Learn Self Control and Self Discipline.

Understand what it means to share.

Sharing your best demonstrates you care.

Living the highest truth shows you love.

Teaching and learning always is a gift.

Be grateful for what you learn everyday.

We are all ready to share when we care.

We are willing to share time and energy.

What we have increases, when we share.

Who we are is happy and healthy, when we share.

Many have learned to fight for more.

Some have chosen to take from others.

How we treat humanity demonstrates our caring.

How we care for others shows what we value.

Giving our best is our gift to humanity.

Giving freely shows how much we trust.

“To those who give greatly, much is given.”

For we are here to learn to share.

Recently I gave a refurbished Chrome book to a young student.

He wanted to know if it was “his” because his siblings wanted to use it.

I asked him to consider how its value would increase through his willingness to share.

When not is use, he could share with others and receive so much more for his family.

When experiencing lack in a culture of abundance, we seem to believe in withholding.

When experiencing more good in a culture of lack, we seem to feel guilty if we don’t share.

In competing for the greatest good, many tend to hide and want to keep.

In desiring to share our blessings with others, we attract more blessings to share.

What do you do with the Good that comes to you?

Is it fun, safe and easy to share with others?

Are you willing to give and receive more to give?

To have All, give All to All. And you will have more to give.

I learned as a child to share what I had with others.

I found the reward was abundant Joy and Gratitude.

Loving us all in sharing the abundance we are all here to give.

Betty Lue

Life is for caring and sharing. 

When we care, we feel Alive  with Love.

When we share, we feel Good and True.

We are connected, when we Love.