Sunday, March 26, 2023

Keep It Simple!





When it gets overwhelming, I look within.

When I feel fear, I do what is good.

When lost, I follow the joy.

When alone, I trust in Love.

You Are Here On Purpose!

There are no accidents.

When you find your desired outcome, you will know your Self-assigned Purpose for Being.

It is not what you are supposed to be, but rather Who You already Are.

Give your Self a lifetime to ponder what it is you came to be and do to really discover the Joy of YOU!

Yes, when you know, you can let go and simply Be and Do what is yours to Be and Do.

Give up trying to be what someone else wants to be.

Let go of attempting to live up to what you want to do.

Learn to relinquish complaints, excuses and setbacks.

Recognize everything is yours - mistakes, challenges and all.

Value it all as you respect the undertaking and choose again.

What you begin to see as inner delight shines as true in you.

You are always learning, growing, healing and knowing You.

The experience can be painstaking and even disappointing, when you follow fixed plans.

The experience will be revealing, when you invoke the principles of healing in it all.

You can gain wisdom and insight, understanding and compassion, love and courage.

You will seek more, until you realize you have just uncovered what has always been true.

You are the One you seek.

No one else like you.

You are essential to us all.

You came to be You, fully You.

Life shows the way, as you light the path with your Light.

Love shows us how to engage and connect with your Life.

What is, is your Truth, the highlights of miracles and awakening.

Fall asleep, when you are tired and awaken, when you are ready.

Find ways to laugh and enjoy the mystery.

Be gentle, when there is pain and hesitation.

Contribute freely, when you are full.

Receive the Abundance in its overflowing.

Enjoy the Refreshing Goodness in all sharing.

Clear the fear and caution in our natural caring.

We are here to proclaim the freedom and trust in the doing.

Our nature is to Love God and all our brotherhood and sisters too.

You came, because you are already the One You Seek.

Baruch Bashan.

Betty Lue’